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co-author Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFT

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew about Sex:  

A Guide for Christian Men

(Baker Books, 2007)  with Ryan Howes, PhD. and Stephen Simpson, PhD. 

"A straightforward, no-holds-barred, entertaining manual for Christian men."  

Neil Clark Warren, founder and chairman, eHarmony.com

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Any marriage can get off course. As early as the honeymoon or after 25 years together, couples can drift apart for many reasons. Some are heading straight for the rocks.  Here are the most common reasons:

Loss of trust and respect. Criticism, sarcasm and complaints.

Defensiveness and stonewalling. 

Controlling behaviors. 

Betrayals and affairs.

Life and career changes. Substance abuse.  

No-sex or low-sex marriage.  

If you find these issues or others are dividing your marriage, its time to get back on course.  Marriage therapy can help couples resolve their hurts, learn new ways to communicate and productively work through conflicts.  Love, trust and affection can be restored. Empathy for each other can grow through couples therapy.  

Based on the best marriage research, together with timeless biblical principles, marriage counseling can offer you the keys to the lasting and loving marriage. you desire.  

God has healing, comfort and hope for you.   Psalm 103 puts it plainly--He "redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion."  If you've been in a pit lately, It's time for redemption, love and compassion.  

It may also be time to transform old and unhealthy ways of thinking and relating. Past wounds may need to be grieved and let go. Bitterness and anger toward others or yourself can heal with forgiveness and acceptance. The goal of individual Christian therapy is for all of these changes to set you free.   

Don’t shoulder life’s struggles alone.  If you feel stuck in old behaviors, patterns and emotions, individual talk therapy offers help. Issues that are commonly addressed include depression, regrets, anxiety, fears of intimacy, insecurities, grief and losses  Old hurts can be healed and secrets finally unloaded in the safe and confidential place of therapy.  

​Individual psychotherapy is a great place to experience God's redemption and compassion in your life.  

Rick's blog pays special attention for  how husbands can love their wives.  

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