One of my strengths as a therapist is to combine the best of psychological insights with timeless biblical principles.  Your faith will be included and supported in your therapy process. In fact, most clients find their faith will grow and deepen as they grow and change.  My graduate studies included three years of studying Greek to read the Bible in its original language.  Not just knowing God's Word--but applying it daily--can make all the difference in life.  

A graduate from Fuller Theological Seminary, I have also taught as an adjunct professor in the School of Psychology on Psychotherapy with Men.  One of my interests over the years has been understanding the unique needs of men in their emotions and relationships.  That interest led to co-author the book, What Wives Wish their Husbands Knew about Sex: A Guide for Christian Men  (with Ryan Howes, Ph.D. and Stephen Simpson, Ph.D., Baker Books: 2007).  The book gives Christian men the keys to a healthy and enjoyable sexual life.  

My most recent books aim to raise boys into men of character and faith.  The Crossing Rite of Passage: Mentor's Manual (2018) gives fathers and caring men a complete training program to mentor boys into manhood.  The rite of passage includes six Lessons in Manhood, Good Deeds Project, Every Man's Purpose, Outdoor Adventure, and Initiation Fire Ceremony.  The companion book for boys includes all of the above and more, The Crossing Rite of Passage: Young Men's Manual (2018)

My services include individual, pre-marital and marriage counseling.  Issues that are commonly addressed in individual counseling include depression, anxiety, anger, self-criticism, bitterness and problems with intimacy.  Issues in marriage counseling include learning better ways to communicate and work through conflicts.  Sexual issues from no-sex marriages to recovery from affairs and sexual addiction are also addressed.  Marriages with patterns of blame and shame are replaced with patterns grace and affection.  

Premarital counseling gives couples the foundation they need to build a marriage and love that lasts.  Assessments and other resources offer some invaluable tools. If you're planning a wedding, be sure to plan for your marriage.  

Multi-cultural and multi-racial couples can face unique differences that can lead to conflicts.  I have years of experience in helping couples from different cultural backgrounds, especially with Asian-American marriages.  Couples therapy can build understanding and explore how cultural differences can enrich and strengthen a marriage.  

Give me a call to start your changes now.   We can discuss your needs, questions and scheduling.  Call 626-449-1419.  


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Richard Rupp, M.Div., MFT​

Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker